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We're passionate about sparking positive change and nurturing growth at Go Green Youth Centre. Discover our journey in the 2023 Impact Report, highlighting our achievements in expanding horizons and strengthening community ties.

We proudly celebrate the empowerment and development of our youth, aged 7 to 29, through diverse programs encompassing education, sports, and overall well-being. Join us in shaping a bright future and be inspired by the transformative stories of those we serve.

Embark on this exciting journey with us. Read our impact, feel our passion, and become a part of our story. 



We are guided by core values and ethics that define and enrich our community. Integrity is at our foundation, reflecting our commitment to honesty and fairness in line with the Ontario Camps Association's standards. We deeply respect every person's inherent worth, fostering an environment of dignity and empathy. Responsibility is vital to our operations, ensuring we are always dependable and accountable in our actions and decisions. 

Embracing inclusiveness, we create a welcoming space where everyone feels they belong, celebrating diversity in all its forms. Our caring ethos allows us to build meaningful connections and genuinely address the needs of our community members. Lastly, openness to new ideas and change characterizes our approach, promoting growth, learning, and adaptability. These values are not just words to us; they are the principles we live by daily at GGYC.

We Serve

We Serve

We Work

We Respond

We Grow



We Believe

In Sport for Development and other enrichment programs for underserved children and youth. 

We We Offer

From year-round programs to march break camps to summer camps, we fill in the gap when school is out.